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Finding the Theatre that Fits Your Play

After a few years of submitting plays to theatres and contests I've been rethinking my approach. A little bit of research along with some instinct tells me that I'm running out of time to try and win a competition. :-) It seems most successful playwrights have a relationship with a theatre that produces the kind of plays they write. I have two plays that I believe are ready for production. Each is is geared toward the elderly and those of retirement age. Glenda Mace and Gordon Ginsberg are building interest in senior theatre. Well, with a little bit of tinkering, I think they can manage a very nice production of my play, Some Day for a Crown. Finding the right theatre for your plays involves building a relationship with the right theatre company. Building a relationship with a theatre company means, at the very least, going to see their productions and giving them some financial support. This is not a bribe. This is doing whatever you can to be sure they'll still be in existence when the stars line up for you.

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