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I was delighted by the enthusiastic audience response to "Some Day for a Crown." I was especially delighted that folks laughed heartily and stuck around after the play to share their own stories. My fear that some might think I was making fun of those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease was completely unfounded.

Having stepped into a significant role when Ron Gordon fell ill, I had no choice but to learn a few things about my play from another perspective. I have more than a few post-it notes stuck on my brain as I start a rewrite. I learned that the structure is pretty good and the characters are believable and distinct. I also learned that the play is technically quite manageable and fairly easy to produce. The dialogue flows smoothly and the jokes don't seem forced. The six characters (three of which are strong female roles) join together to shine a light on those who struggle to care for someone suffering from a debilitating disorder.

I might have screwed myself from getting a production from larger theatres seeking to stage a "world premiere" but I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. I just need to trust my instincts a bit more. My instincts right now tell me to get the play out there to community and regional theatres. This is an entertaining tribute to the caregivers as well as an affirmation that it's okay to share a good laugh through the tears.

I have two months to prepare the play for my family reunion. I have fallen in love with this cast but each is moving on to other projects. My instincts tell me to work on a rewrite and let these same actors present it in a "radio theatre" format so my family can enjoy the story in an intimate setting and the actors aren't burdened with learning new dialogue. I have some experience with this format and I think we can still create a very satisfying theatrical experience for all involved. On we go!

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